About Us

How We Got Started

I always loved making delicious food at home even when I was a kid. Somehow,  having to be gluten free reignited that passion. 

I started making more food, getting more creative, and learning things about cooking and baking I never would have without going gluten free. 

I decided I wanted to share the food and help the gluten free community out by opening a food cart. 

I opened in Corvallis, OR in February 2018. Unfortunately, I hadn’t really thought of the menu I wanted to do. So we switched it up, saw what worked, and had some fun. In June of the same year we saw some food cart regulations happening in Corvallis and decided to make the move to Eugene, where the city welcomes food carts. 

A Gluten Free Food Cart In Eugene

When we first moved to Eugene we had the amazing opportunity to set up on 11th street near Willamette. Just below Jamaica Joel’s dispensary. We first changed our name to STFU&NOM when we realized that the former name, Dietz Eatz and Peepz, was confusing people. 

In December 2018 we got an offer to partner with Heritage Distillery in the Whitaker neighborhood. We were there until June 2019. While there, I had the opportunity to learn to cook with some of the alcohol they made. 

While at Heritage, a winery from up the street started bringing us wine to cook with and customers at their shop. In June 2019 we moved just up the street and started working with Eugene Wine Cellars and Oakshire Brewing, a local pub next door. 

We were in this location until Covid and personal situations forced closure. We remember all of our locations with fondness and enjoyed working with all of the partner businesses. 

We miss our customers! And with our customers in mind, we want to offer up our recipes. 

STFU & NOM in the news!

STFU & NOM a finalist in Readers' Choice Awards!

We were so incredibly honored to be voted one of the top 5 food carts in Eugene in the contest by the Register Guard of Eugene!

On TV and in Newspapers!

We got on the tv news too! We really were so lucky to have all the coverage.

Featured in Eugene Weekly!

Fawn was interviewed by Eugene Weekly, and the writer may have taken it a bit far! She said that the name “STFU & NOM” meant Sustainable, Tasty, Fresh, Unconventional, but it was also a nod to getting over the idea that gluten free tastes bad, so “STFU” and try it!

While you can no longer stop by for a glass of wine and fresh gluten free food, we wanted you to have access to the recipes! Click below to go to all the recipes and make the same amazing food right at home!